Creating drill-through

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    • Creating drill-through


      Is it possible in Jedox to drill through from one cube to another?

      Say I have a sales cube, and an invoices cube. They both have identical dimensions, with the exception of the latter having an invoice dimension. I want to create a drill from the sales cube, which will then open a view on the invoices cube allowing me to see the breakdown of the value in the sales cube by invoice.

      In addition, if I have a P&L cube, which get values from a Sales cube and an Expenses cube, can I create drill processes based on the account? E.g. if its a sales account drill to the sales cube, if its an expense account drill to the expense account?

      Also, is it possible to drill from a cube value to an ODBC complaint database? Can Jedox transfer the necessary elements to a SQL query, which will then be processed on the db, and the resulting dataset returned?

      Many thanks,