Activate Drill Through 6.0

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  • Activate Drill Through 6.0

    Hello Community,

    I have the challenge to activate the Drillthrough function in an existing system.
    For the last versions that has been easy because of the description in the Admin Guide.

    Unfortunately for Jedox 6.0 an Admin Guide hasn´t been published yet.
    Because the structure of the system has changed it´s impossible to copy from the old Guides.

    Can somebody please provide me with the information how to enable Drillthrough after the installation.

    Thank you and have a nice day
  • Hi Dnegelof,

    I made that yesterday, what I did is that I took the drillthrough functions from the sample_scripts/ (from function onDrillthroughExt until function DrillthroughCube)

    this worked like a charm.

    and also don't forget to set the enable-drillthrough directive in the palo.ini file

    hope this helps!

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • Hi laloune,

    thank you for your help.

    Unfortunately I don´t exactly know what you mean.

    Where do I find the functions?
    Where do you use them?

    In the Admin Guide 5.1 the discription is as follows:
    If you have not checked "Enable DrillThrough" during installation and you want to enable "DrillThrough /
    DrillDown" later, you have to execute the following steps:
    1) Change the entry of the file <Install_path>svs\ to
    include './sample_scripts/';
    2) Add the following 3 lines to the palo.ini:
    worker "<Install_path>\svs\SupervisionServer.exe"
    workerlogin information
    (For drillthrough functionality you need a workerlogin entry)
    Please restart the JedoxSuiteMolapService.

    I can not find the file "<Install_path>svs\" in Jedox 6.0 and the "<Install_path>\svs\SupervisionServer.exe".
    Where do I find them and how do I have to enable it in / modify the palo.ini?

    Thank you in advance
  • If you do not have the svs directory in the <install dir> I guess that this means that you do not have installed the supervision server component. Just rerun the installation and ensure that "SupervisionServer" is ticked.

    The SupervisionServer is needed to launch the drillthrough queries

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc