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  • Palo.afilter


    I'am trying to set parameters in a palo.afilter matrix (in a subset).
    I do not want to input 500 diufferent paramters in 500 different formulas, so I used the excel spreadsheet as a paramater table.
    The 1st member of the matrix is the attribute name "Rubrique liasse fiscale". The 2nd member is a 2 letters code.

    The matrix work well if I input the 2 parameters in column (A1:A2). For sure, I need my parameters in row (A1:B1).

    I tried transpose, I tried several ways in Excel, but no way to get the palo.Afilter working with palo.afilter (A1:B1) while it works perfectly with palo.afilter(A1:A2).

    Any clue ?

    Thanks a lot,