Business rule to sum subset

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  • Business rule to sum subset


    I'am turning nut and maybe be tired... Any help will be highly appreciated !

    I want to make a sum-up report with 2 kinds of elements :
    - the amount for customers I owe money to (prepayement)
    - the total amount for customers that are owing money to me

    I have a single list of customer in my dimension Customer with wether a negative or a positive value in the sales cube.
    Credit & Debit are 2 members of the Customer dimension.

    Let's say "credit" is the sum of the customers that I owe money to, and "Debit", the sum of customers that owe money to me.
    I want to calculate "Debit" and "Credit" with a business rule (cause I have no clue to sort negative from positive values in a hierarchy)...

    I'm pretty sur it's no rocket science, but I keep stucked.... I need your help !

    Thanks a lot for your contributions...