Transactions in Jedox?

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  • Transactions in Jedox?

    Hi colleagues,

    I have a new exciting question *g*:

    Does Jedox have some instruments / mechanisms to ensure consistency across multiple cube change operations?
    ..similar to transactions in relational databases?

    Lets say I have a macro in Jedox Web - covering a more complex business process
    ..which technically triggers:
    - adding/deleting elements in dimensions
    - changes in hierarchies
    - value changes / value generation in several cubes

    If the macro would break in the middle of the execution I would have an inconsistent state
    some changes have been applied and some not.
    In relational databases with using transactions I would just trigger a rollback.

    begin tran
    step 1
    step 2
    step ..
    commit tran
    Catch exception

    Thanks for any input
    JCO :)