Deploy Dynarange levels programmatically

    I assume you mean the "Expand to level" setting from the DynaRange properties. There's currently no option or Macro API to access the levels of a Dynarange.
    What has been done sometimes in the past to achive something similar: set a high value for the "Expand to Level" option; and in the Dynarange subset, use a HFilter with the "Levels" settings, which you can bind to some variable (cell, named range, or @variable). By changing that variables value, the Subset result would include or not include certain levels.

    actually I meant either, that I click on a link or a button, and it has the same effect as double click on the element. let's say I have following dynarange:

    => West
    => East

    I would like a link left to West that would open West, as it would when double-clicking on the element.

    know what I mean?


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