[Dynarange] How to repeat the element name of ancestor dyna before the nested dyna?

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  • Hi Yohana,

    It looks a good idea, let me see if I understanding...

    My first column "Grupo/Group" have the dynarange "father" and the second column "Nivel de Periodo/Period Level" have the nested dynarange so...

    1. You "open" the first dyna e see the levels (nested dyna);
    2. Then you open the second dyna and your levels (all this cells on the left of each level of period are new lines dinamically created [at the moment that the second dyna was opened] that should to be created with this subset)???

    The unique way that I know to do that is with macro, this is it?
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  • Hi Matheus,

    Sorry, i'm not answered it clearly.

    Before you go to the steps, i want you to check one thing. Please export your report to excel (with Jedox formula). I assume, your dynarange is generated in that report. Check your formula whether it points to the correct Grupo/Group or not. If you are using Name Range or Variable, try to change it to direct cell address (ex: $B12) in your dynarange and see the result.

    I also did this in my dynarange:
    1. First you open your first dynarange (in this case "Grupo/Group".
    2. Go to Data tab and you might have set it up dynamically, right ?
    3. In that Data tab, find Period (since this is your second dynarange, right ?)
    4. In Period, choose the top element only.
    5. Do a refresh, see in preview pane you still got element to display and save it.

  • Hi,
    you can't automatically fill cells outside of a DynaRange (in your case, those cells are inside the outer, but outside the inner DynaRange if you know what I mean). Those cells are only created as you expand the inner DR.

    If the out DynaRange is not interactive (i.e. if your users are not supposed to expand / collapse stuff there), what you could try is:
    - make the outeer DR very narrow / use white on white text, i.e. hide its cells somehow
    - move the "master cell" of the inner DynaRange (the one where element names are returned) a column to the left
    - add a cell ref to the outer master cell in the inner DR

    Attached two screenshots, which hopefully illustrate what I mean
    • dr.jpg

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    • preview.jpg

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