libpalo_ng 5.0.4 dimension element search problem

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    • libpalo_ng 5.0.4 dimension element search problem

      Hello. I have a dimension "Months", when I added new element to this dimension, libpalo_ng cannot find it and returns error:
      Palo returned error: Couldn't resolve element name "4" in dimension "Months"

      I am using this coordinates in subcube:

      Source Code

      1. palo_subset($connection, $databaseName, 'Products', 1, NULL, palo_dfilter(palo_subcube($coordinates), array("<>", "0")));

      But when I look at this dimension on the server, element "4" exists. When I restarted apache web server, libpalo_ng works great and found this new element "4" without problem, but I cannot restart apache every time when added new month.

      I have this problem only with dimension "Months", in another dimensions libpalo_ng finds new elements immediately.

      libpalo_ng has a cache mechanism? It is looks like libpalo_ng cached dimension and do not update it when dimension was updated on olap server.

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