Report files (.wss) transfer questions

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  • Report files (.wss) transfer questions

    We have an unusual issue here:

    1. We had a server crash, which resulted in corruption of some Jedox system files
    2. We used an old Jedox backup to get Jedox back online. We cleared and re-populated the cubes, and now everything works as expected

    However, We have some report files which are NOT in the recovered system. They are only present in the suite that crashed. I can see the report files (.wss) are stored in the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedox\Jedox Suite\storage\fgrp7\h1-Sperry_Finance\n18-Sales_OM......

    I copied the missing wss files into this folder, hoping to see the reports in the Jedox file manager. Yes, they are present but brings up an error when trying to open it "Unable to load workbook. File does not exist"

    The question i have is: Am I doing the right thing? and if so, what else do I need to do to enable the reports to be seen in the file manager

    Many thanks
  • The storage system of Jedox Web has two levels. What you see in File Manager is at just content of a couple of internal databases (you see them as "fgrpX" in olap data directory). In simplified terms, hierarchies are dimensions in those databases; folders are consolidated elements, files are base elements. When you open a workbook in Jedox Web, it then constructs a matching path on file system to the actual .wss file.
    Putting a file into the "storage" directory on servers fiel system thus will not affect those fgrp databases, and not show up in File Manager. I highly recommend not to modify the fgrp's manually.

    What you can try (and note, this is not officially supported procedure):
    - create an empty "dummy" workbook in file manager, with the name of the Workbook you want to recover (let's say it's "My Workbook", in folder "My Reports")
    - in storage directory, lookup the folder of your workbook. Folders (and files) are prefix with nX-, space characters are replaced etc. but you should be able to search e.g. for "My+Reports"
    - in the folder you should see something like "n56-My+Workbook.wss"
    - rename your recoverd .wss file accordingly, then replace it in that folder on file system
  • This works but a lot of manual actions needs to be done. And if you have 100 of reports to recover then you need to do it multiple time as you need to create Dummy .wss reports at then rename your actual report from file system at the same time..
    Or you can simply import report files from your recovered system foldeer and just rename it accordingly at this may have nX- prefix on its name.
    I hope this helps