Writing data in cell by using a macro button

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  • Writing data in cell by using a macro button


    I have a problem in Jedox Web.

    While in File-Manager developer mode everything works fine. When I switch to User Mode it doesn't work.

    - I have a cell which is not blocked (e.g. A1). In this cell there is a vlookup combined with a PALO.DATA formula.
    - There is a button combined with a macro. Clicking this button writes data in the cube where the PALO.DATA formula get's the data from. The macro uses the current cell to get additional information from the selected row and column.

    Again, in File-Mager it works - the data are written in the cube and displayed in A1, in User mode or in the Report manager it doesn't work.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,