Help the Palo noooob!!! Changing security for users

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  • Help the Palo noooob!!! Changing security for users

    Hi everyone,

    Hoping someone can help....this is one of those "hey I got a Palo server/excel sheets dumped in my lap" posts. ZERO DOCUMENTATION. And i have no previous experience with Palo admin (I've fixed a few formula problems, and re-arranged the way some elements roll up.)

    I've been asked to solve the problem where users can't enter 0.00 into cells. I researched that and it's a permissioning issue. Users need the DELETE right. But here's where it gets interesting, I also don't have the DELETE right. There is no documented Palo Admin password. I have full access to the Palo server (windows), but i can't log in to the web interface localhost:8081 as I don't know the admin pw. If i look at the file sin jedox/Palo Suite/httpd/app/etc i can view the shared secret but the Palo user and password are both defined as '_internal_suite'. And to top things off, while the PASTE ELEMENT feature seems to work, PASTE VIEW is not working for me, which i think is how you are supposed to view permissions anyways.

    So, anyone have any advice on how to get the credentials? or change the permissions?

    We are running Community Edition.

    Thank you,

    Larry Ventura
    System Analyst
    Design Imports.