Permission problems

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  • Permission problems


    I'm the noob from this thread Help the Palo noooob!!! Changing security for users

    We have some Palo spreadsheets doing our sales calculations. Data is housed on a Windows Palo server. We are running CE 3.2.

    I now have the administrative credentials so i can access the user manager on the Palo server. The problem I'm trying to solve is that no one can splash a cell (i think that is the correct term) with a zero value.

    If I look at the connection to the server using the Palo Wizard in the modeler, I confirm that I'm connecting using the username "admin" and the proper pw (test the connection is successful). We are using Palo auth, not windows auth. I confirmed in Palo user manager that the admin account was in the admin group, and the admin group has the admin role. The admin role has full permission on everything EXCEPT cell data, which is set to splash.

    Given all that, shouldn't I be able to enter a zero in a formula cell? If I try, I get"insufficient rights". Anyone have any ideas. One carry over from my previous post is that PASTE VIEW doesnt seem to be working, while PASTE ELEMENT works.


    Larry Ventura
    Design Imports