Macro function not available in sheet

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  • Macro function not available in sheet

    I use php's include_once() insider the jedox web macro editor to include an external php file.
    This php file is inside the jedox apache / php lib directory. So I can use an IDE to edit and changing macro code is much faster.
    It is no problem to call functions from the included file in a function of the sheet's macro that is bind to a button for example.
    I also had functions that are called directly from a cell via "=MYFUNC("arg1")" for example.

    Now I moved this functions also to the external php file that is included in die sheets macro but now these functions are now longer callable via excel cell command.

    Is there a way to call the functions from the inclued php file in the excel cell?

    Using a PHP IDE next to jedox for editing macros has so many possibilities: code completion, syntax check, no duplicated code, .... So it would be great to use this construct also for "user defined" macro functions that are called via jedox web excel cells.

    Thanks for your hints!