How to do a "Cube-Join"?

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    • How to do a "Cube-Join"?


      I have to cubes that share a dimension, for example "product" that contains "product id".
      Is it possible to join cubes? in sql I would say "..... FROM cubeA a INNER JOIN cubeB b on a.product = b.product".

      In ETL I can define both cubes as extract and in tablejoin cubes as extract seem to be possible. Both cubes can be defined as source and to join them I used the shared dimension.
      But that does not seem to work and a timeout for data preview is shown after several minutes...

      Thanks for your hints!
    • You are probably getting time out because you use a single dimension to join large/multi-dims (All other dimensions are multiplied in a Cartesian manner).
      Try this:
      1. Limit the extract to non-zero entries in both cubes.
      2. Try joining on more then one dimension, if possible.
      3. Limit the records count before join, using View transform with filtering.
      4. Aggregate first. Meaning, use an Aggregation transform on both cubes to lower dimension count by eliminating unnecessary dimensions for analysis.