Break-up of numbers based on a reference cube

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  • Break-up of numbers based on a reference cube


    I am working on a client project, which involves Sales Planning. The client does a top-down sales planning. However, they want to have the drill-down of numbers based on another cube:

    The customer has number of channels to sell. They have an assortment of which products they want to sell on a particular channel.

    For example, Channel 1 would sell Products 1,2,3; Channel 2 would sell Products 1,3,4; etc.

    When they put in a top sales target figure for all channels and all products, they want the drill-down to happen based on the product assortment for each channel. So, for Channel 2, they should have 0 for Product 2.

    This assortment can change over a period as well.

    Is there a simple method to achieve this? What should I ensure I do/ don't do to meet the requirement?