Use PALO.DATAC with array as parameter

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  • Use PALO.DATAC with array as parameter


    I need reports that show values based on time intervals. The user should be able to select two dates, for example 30.12.2014 and 02.02.2016.
    I use a php macro that calculates all elements for that interval and returns this as an array / variable @date_interval, in the example above: 2014-12-30, 2014-12-31, 2015, 2016-01, 2016-02-01, 2016-02-02
    This is returned as variable and it works fine to integrate this list in dynaranges for example to show only elements of a dimension that have values inside the selected date range.

    Now I want to show inside the dynarange how many elements for a subset/dynarange-item really exist.
    My idea was to use this list inside excel / web sheet: =PALO.DATAC(......;@date_interval;.....) but this does not work.
    Is there an easy way to use an array / variable inside the palo data function?

    Workaround (not implemented yet) that should work is creating a macro script the iterates for all elements of date_interval and returns the sum.
    Another Workaround (that works but also is not nice) is to add another second dynarange with source =@date_interval to calculate values for each interval element, use the sum in the report and hide the date_interval-dynarange.

    but maybe there is an more easy solution...?
  • Thanks for this hint.

    Jedox Admin Manual (latest version)
    The use of the function PALO.DATAV is still in the testing phase and really brings advantages of
    speed only in Jedox Excel Add-In. Therefore it is better to use the function PALO.DATAC or

    Is this still correct for jedox 6.x?