Which character encoding is used for strings by the OLAP server?

    Which character encoding is used for strings by the OLAP server?

    Hi Jedox Community,

    the following issure occured: a dimension extract produced a CSV-file with UTF-8 encoding set for the file. But when the file was opened by or imported to Excel 2010 the umlauts (äöü) were messed up. All the elements in the dimension have been implemented by hand via the Jedox Modeller. So I assume it's about the OLAP DB.

    When I switched to UTF-16 for the file connection, the export was correct. I just wonder what happened there. UTF-8 includes those characters. Are there converting issures between UTF-16 and UTF-8?

    Does anyone have a precise understanding of those aspects?

    Thanks in advance. :)
    Windows is UTF-16 by default. Importing UTF-8 into Excel with no BOM in the file is tricky. For Excel 2010 something like the following might work: Data - From Text - select the input file - now carefully select the File Origin making sure you select a UTF-8 encoding.
    Sorry, this seems to be just an Excel issue. Notepad++ can correctly identify and use both Jedox exports.

    None of the file origins for Excel imports is compatible with the UTF-8 Jedox export.
    Only "Windows (ANSI)" is compatible-ish with the UTF-16 export. There still remain some "random" glyphs in the first cell. (Missinterpreted BOM?)