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  • Download Excel File

    I have a requirement where I need to provide a button to extract cube data into a file and download to excel. I have created an ETL to extract the cube data (based on the filters selected on the Jedox web sheet) into a CSV. I can also then run a mailer utility to mail it to the recipient.

    However, I would like to see if I can invoke a "Save As" dialog in Jedox web where I can save the extracted CSV. How would I go about this?

  • I think it could be possible if you do it with a widget. Because widget could retrieve data from the sheet(you can place on the sheet the data for the csv) then you can code a little of php to get construct the csv file(I think) and then propose to the user to save the file. I didn't check if it possible but I think it's a good clue to solve this problem

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  • Hey Kiran,

    here is my recommendation; Maybe we can divide the process into the two parts:

    1. First of all set an etl connection to Excel and save the excel file in the Report Designer (JedoxFiles).

    2. Set a button action "Download" and set the path to that file. That's it! Whenever you click on "Download" it will direct you to the Windows File Explorer and you can save the file wherever you want
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