Generate rows dynamically

      Generate rows dynamically

      Hi Jedox colleagues,

      ​is there a possibility to generate a certain number of rows dynamically within an ETL step?
      ..e.g. via groovy job or similar?

      The number of rows is different in each run of the job - based on certain frame conditions
      -> so constant table extract for example will not work.

      I can only think of the following work around:
      - extract from somewhere a fixed set of rows (max. number)
      - afterwards filter those rows down to the needed number

      But maybe there is a more elegant and direct way out there?

      the only thing is, when I need to add additional rows to an existing set of records (e.g. result of an extract)
      during the further process, ​then I probably need something like UNION right?
      This is probably also not possible via any kind of script, correct?