SVS: commit of written value and re-query

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  • SVS: commit of written value and re-query

    Hi Jedox fans,

    I have another interesting question regarding SVS:

    When is a changed $value really written (and committed) to the database/cube inside of an OnCellChange-Callback?

    I developed a callback which is running some calculation steps after writing back the changed value:

    Step 1
    Step 2
    palo_setdataa($value, ..) //write back the changed value
    Step 4 //start integrator job, which queries the same cube again
    Step 5

    In step 3 the changed value is already written via setdataa into the cube.

    However in Step 4 I need to get data from the same cube again within an Integrator package.
    But here I still get the old value, which is bad for the calculation.
    As there are several different KPIs/variables triggering the calculation it is not
    possible to send them to the integrator job as parameter.

    So I really need to have this value already in the cube, when the Callback is not yet finished.

    Thanks for any hint

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  • Update/Addition:

    when I query the cube directly within the callback function via palo_data (PHP)
    then I already see the new value it seems to be already in the cube but maybe not visible yet to other users/sessions
    ..because unfortunatelly the integrator package still does only get the old value..

    ..maybe this is working like isolation levels relational databases ?!

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