Generate dim elements with sequential IDs (best way)

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  • Generate dim elements with sequential IDs (best way)

    Hi Jedox colleagues,

    ​We are developing a simulation app on Jedox Web, where dimension elements are not added via modeller or ETL/ERP
    but via a spreadsheet UI (with macros / palo_eadd).

    The element name should be an ID and additionally it has a label attribute.
    The ID should of course be unique and sequential. (before we tried GUIDs via uniqueid() but this was impractical)

    So when a user creates a new element and the last ID was 8 then the new one should be 9.

    We currently do this via palo_element_list_children and rsort to get the max ID and then add +1 to this.
    (as there are different hierarchies in those dimensions it should also work related to a certain tree)

    I am wondering if there are better ways to do it - and maybe also more secure/reliable ways in multiuser environments,
    where 2 users might press the create-button at the same time.
    (maybe something like auto identity columns in relational databases)

    Thanks for any thought / suggestion.
    JCO :)