Multiple changes of a cell value during macro run (for status update)

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  • Multiple changes of a cell value during macro run (for status update)

    Dear community,

    does any one of you have an idea how to display status updates to a user during long running macros?

    Simple example of what I want to reach:

    activesheet()->range('B10')->value ='Copy Process Running..';
    $id = integrator_start_job('MyProject','CopyJob',$variables, true);
    activesheet()->range('B10')->value =''; //Delete Status Message after Job is finished

    In this example an ETL job is started. Before start I want to set a message into a status cell and delete the message afterwards.
    Such logic I need for all kind of long running processes (not only ETL jobs) and it might contain several different status steps / messages.

    The problem seems to be that during the macro run the spreadsheet is not updated - only at the end of the macro the changes become visible to the user.

    Did you experienced the same things? Did I oversee something? Is there a solution / workaround for that?

    Thanks a lot for your help
  • This is currently not possible. As you suspected, triggering a macro will only refresh values after the macro has been executed. The usual way to mimic "interactivity" is to split the macro into several smaller functions, return a visible status after each of these, then trigger execution of next step e.g. via another button.
  • Sadly I expected this somehow :(
    Thanks anyway for your statement :)

    ​I will set something up with widgets and Javascript and Jedox.wss.macro.exec

    It is generally always a bit annoying:
    ​Well, you finally will get everything done with Jedox and their toolbox and you will mostly find a workaround.
    ​But you also HAVE TO in many cases even for simple things.

    ​So you get the tasks done, but also have much overhead for a lot of small standard functions.
    ​Weired - Jedox speeds you up in many complex things but slows you down in many simple things. *g*
    ..sorry for being a bit off-topic :)=)