Open and see a video in a report.

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  • Open and see a video in a report.


    I want to be able to open and see a video (.avi or mp4 format) from a report, in the same way you can open a PDF file.

    The video is stored on the Jedox Server in an library. It is imported in the file manager, againg in the same way you would import a PDF file.

    I have tried to open it with a hyperlink, example

    =HYPERLINK(Resources!rngFileFolder&"/01.98 pictures/Migration.avi#_new,top=0,left=0,width=max,height=max",SHOWPICT(Resources!comment_small),"
    Open new window with video#simple")

    but it only gives me the possibility to save the file, in this case migration.avi, on my laptop where I afterwards can run and see the video.

    It is useable but not userfriendly.

    Anyone have a good idea how I can see the video direcly from the report (in a new window)?
    Do I have to have some kind of videoplayer installed on the server ?

    Best regards