Individual Drillthrough view

      Individual Drillthrough view

      Hi @ All,

      I am currently trying to improve the details shown in a drillthrough.
      I am using jedox for our cost controlling and therefore I created some reports were the employees could look at their costs.
      With the Drillthrough they could see the booking + the receipt nr. of the cost producer.

      At the moment the information (Columns) shown when performing the Drillthrough are quite too many. I would like to not show the standard elements of the dimension for example.

      If it is not clear what I am trying to say here an example.

      The Cube consists of 6 Dimensions

      Additionaly I add some descriptive Columns for the Drillthrough
      Description Account
      Description Costcenter

      The Drillthrough shows me all columns but I only want to show the Description columns not the origin Account and Costcenter columns.

      Does anyone has an idea how to do this?

      we created a new report, where we use the dynarange to create the "drill through". The new report is then opened from the original report with a hyperlink. In this way we have customized the "drill through" to our own need, incl. adding graphics, comment fields, etc.

      Best regards