Available operators to use in Afilter

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  • Available operators to use in Afilter

    Hello all,

    in the documentation it is shown taht you can use ">", "<", "<>" and "=" as operators in the AFILTER function.

    To select, in this case projects which are won the last 12 months, I have created an attribute with the closing date in Excel format.
    It is no problem to select the right projects using one of the above mentioned operators, e.g. >41222, this works fine.

    Now I want to select projects with the attribute value is inside a range, e.g. between 41222 and 42224
    This can be solved by using two attributes with the same value, and using the AND functionality in the AFILTER (having two operators on the same line), e.g. >41222 and <42224, for the two operators. This will work and selected the right projects.

    but this is a little stupid to have two identical attributes, question is if there is a range operator?

    Best regards

  • Hello all,

    I found the solution myself by trying :)

    The attribute can be reused in the AFILTER function, and thereby creating the range.


    AFILTER({"Attribute name","Attribute name";">41222","<42224"})

    following the example from above.

    This yields that only projects where the value of "Attribute name" is between 41222 and 42224 will be selected.

    Just wanted to share this with you