error 1004 : Not able to start Jedox

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  • error 1004 : Not able to start Jedox


    We are not able to start Jedox and getting error as Invalid License.
    We are getting below error in OLAP_SERVER.log

    The error: WARNING: error code: 1004 description: authorization failed message: incorrect username or passwordComes up every time I try to start the httpdservice.

    In palo.ini file we are using following :

    http "<Server IP>" 7777
    log "D:\Jedox\Jedox Suite\log\olap_server.log"
    verbose error
    splash-limit 1000 500 100
    goalseek-limit 1000
    goalseek-timeout 10000
    cache-barrier 1000000
    template-directory "D:\Jedox\Jedox Suite\olap\Api"
    worker "D:\Jedox\Jedox Suite\svs\SupervisionServer.exe"
    workerlogin authentication
    maximum-return-cells 1000000

    Please SOS .. This is on Prod server ..