Warning coordinate Z

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    • Warning coordinate Z

      Hi everybody,

      in the etl-monitor I'm getting the warning "Coordinate Z and default element Leerstelle not found in dimension blabla. Ensure that the default element exists in this dimension. (load bla bla)"

      Does anyone know what exactly is meant by the coordinate Z? Where should I start searching for eliminating this warning?

      Will be greatful for any hints.

    • I havn't worked with the ETL server, but looking at the code:

      is a routine called:
      which contains the logic:
      if(defaultElem == null){
      aggLog.warn("Coordinate "+missingElement+" and default element "+resolvedValue+ " not found in dimension " + dimensionName + ". Ensure that the default element exists in this dimension.");
      return null;
      which is described as follows:
      * According to default mode handle the missing element. If default mode is "defaultBase", the dimension element is
      * replaced by the "default" element. If the mode is "defaultConsolidate" then the missing dimension element is created
      * and consolidated under default element
      * @param dimensionName the name of the dimension
      * @param missingElement the name of the element that is missed in that dimension
      * @return the element that will be replace the missing element

      handleMissing() is called by getCoordinateElements() which is called by exportData() which is called by executeLoad(), which contains the logic:
      //consolidate the new element under the default element (if needed)

      So to try and answer your question:'Z' is the name of an element in the dimension blabla which the ETL server is trying to replace with blanks/spaces (Leerstelle). I'm guessing when the cube is being loaded that a consolidation rule is referring to element Z in dimension blabla, but element 'Z' does not exist in dimension blabla and no default has been defined for missing elements i.e. check the consolidation rules on this cube for any mention of element 'Z'.