VBA-Function for Dialog-Box to select elements from a subset

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  • VBA-Function for Dialog-Box to select elements from a subset

    i have a global subset on a dimension, and i want to open a dialogbox to select element(s) only from this subset, analog to "obj.ChooseElementsEx(.." for the general dimension
    is there such a vba-function?

    Excel-Function: for the same Problem: is there a function like ..ename.. where i can choose by doubleclick an element only from a subset of the Dimension ?

  • Example: you have a Dimension "Company" with Elements CA,CB,CC..CE and a global Subset "Company US" which select by an Attribut "LOC" so that you have in he Subset only the Companies CB and CC.

    1) If you make "Ansicht einfügen-Add view" for a cube with the Dimension "Company" in the header-area, you can choose the global subset "Company US". The produced Excel-Report then puts the formula ..ename.. and by double-clicking, you get the dialogbox with all elements of the Dimension "Company", but you want only see the CB and CC. The same with vba "obj.ChooseElementsEx(.."

    2) Handled with access-right: Usergroup A has no rights "N" on CA, CD and CE, only for CB and CC. This Usergroup should see in the Dialogbox also only the Elements CB and CC. How can i do that?
    1. Unfortunately, Jedox doesn't let you assign standard attributes or subsets used in views. But you can use "Ansicht entkoppeln" in the german interface to convert the ENAME functions to ESELECT and change those.
    2. In the cube #_CONFIGURATION of the database you can insert Y for the element "HideElements". Then elements users have an N right for are invisible.
  • Great, thank's a lot:

    the "HideElements" on cube #_Configuration works, only Elements with access-rights are listed. In my example, the parent of the element needs also access-rights-> otherwise no element is listed, but i can live with that.

    Tip / wish to the developpers : add in the function "ename" and also in "obj.ChooseElementsEx(.." an optional tag ..,subsetname,.. so that only the elements of the subset are listed. I posted that already in 2009, wihout success..