Hyperlink to unformatted files

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  • Hyperlink to unformatted files

    I need to publish some files not included in the Jedox folders (formatted by Jedox and with Jedox files features).

    Example. I have one file in one folder in my Jedox Server (Windows). C:\DOWNLOAD\FILE.PDF.

    I need a hyperlink in a Jedox report for downloading the FILE.PDF when I click in one icon.

    This work if the file is upload using the file manager of Jedox (it format the file and it store in the storage folder), but I need one Windows folder like "free" network unit where the ETL reads or write contents and we need to download the contents from the Web.

    Any proposal about how to solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance.
  • You can add the files to the storage folder, adding the new file hierarchy element name (e. g. n10) as a prefix to the filename.
    Then add the new file hierarchy element with the same name via ETL to its file hierarchy dimension in its filegroup database. Finally add the attributes "type" (e. g. static) and "data" to the hierarchy attribute cube. The XML string for the data attribute isn't too complex.
    You can import a file to get the example values and the file location in the storage folder. Make sure that the hierarchy element names are numbered consecutively.