Trouble generating Time-To-Date Hierarchy

    Trouble generating Time-To-Date Hierarchy

    Currently I'm trying to generate a additional hierarchy in order to analyse the data ytd or even mtd.

    All I found online is the entry about the Time-To-Date Hierarchy in the Jedox Knowledgebase (

    Working on Jedox 6 I did some tests with the timeToDate and timeToDateDeep modes. While the second worked on the first approach, I still have trouble to correctly implement the first one though.

    The calendar extract I use to generate the hierarchy looks like this:
    date hierarchy levels:
    level, start, end, pattern
    root, , , 'all years'
    years, 2012, 2018, yyyy
    months, , , MMM yyy
    days, , , dd.MM.yyy

    Time-to-Date levels
    level, pattern, mode, reference level, root node
    months, MMM yyy 'YTD', timeToDate, years,

    The hierarchy which is generated looks like this:

    I guess this is not how it's supposed to be.

    Any tip or best practice would be much appreciated. :)