Sort dynrange by value from one palo.datac

    Sort dynrange by value from one palo.datac


    is it possible to sort a dynarange containing several palo.datac´s by value from just one palo.datac?

    I´ve got a timeline (see attachments) with palo.datac functions (blue cells).
    Now I´d like to sort the whole table by january´s values. The expected outcome should look like attachment II.

    Is there any possibility to sort the whole area? Or any suggestion how to achieve the expected outcome?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    If your DynaRange source is a subset, you can sort the subset by values returned by a query that you define in the data tab. You can set variables in this tab, so that this query has the same links to spreadsheet cells as your DATA functions in the DynaRange area.