Globalvariables and importance for performance

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  • Globalvariables and importance for performance

    Hello group members

    Since the start with Jedox in 2013, we have build a framework with multiple reports. We use global variables, which are initiated at login so that when opening the report first time, the variables contain a value. The variables are used in functions, in comboboxes and in dynaranges to dynamicly adaprt the frontend of the reports.

    Not all variables are used in all reports, but they are all initialized at login. This is done in a ressouces, which is linked to the home screen.

    My question, is what effect has this on the performance when a multiple number of global variables are created but afterwards not used in a report?
    Is is better for performance reasons to create individual ressources, which are connected to the individual reports, so that only variables are created which are used in the report. The global variables used in every report are then created and loaded, as today, when opening the home screen for the first time.

    What is your opinion on how to use best practice ?

    Best regards