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  • Formatting Data in Charts | Percentages

    I am trying to insert a bar chart that shows a series of data. Formatted as percentages.

    Actually I am not really interested in how the (source) data should be formatted, I am more interested in presenting the data as percentages in the web reports.

    Here is what i achieved:

    Source data looks like this:

    The problem is the axis on the left. I tried many combinations of different format of the data, to achieve what you can see in the Knowledge Base entry for inserting chart (Example: Chart with percent).

    I am using Jedox 6.
    Has anyone some hints?
    • chart_percent.PNG

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    • sourceData.PNG

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  • Nevermind!
    I found out that I simply did not know how to edit the regarding elements of the charts.
    I always clicked right somewhere on the chart. The edit window that you can open then, is just not the right one.

    Figured out that one has to right-click on one of the Axis' numbers!

    unfortunately in german...
    • edit_axis.PNG

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