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  • Learn to make data meaningful

    Hi all!

    I am looking for some help with some quite general questions.

    I would like to learn more about Business Intelligence. In special I want to learn more about how one should design reports, so that the data it provides is easily to read and analyse. I did some quick google searches but ended up realizing that I even do not know what I am actually looking for !

    So I know the main key words are something like the following:
    • BI
    • meaningful data
    • charts
    • data analysis
    • report design
    But to be honest the results were not very satisfying. I am looking for some scientific proof / papers. I know in Jedox there is something like the SUCCESS Charts (inspired by Hichert), but this is not covering all aspects of what i am looking for.

    TLDR: I am looking for (more or less scientific) resources to learn about how I can create dashboards and reports that are meaningfull, interactive...and so on. You could help me by pointing me into the right direction by giving some more key words that I can use for further research. Or it would be perfect if you could provide some references, so that i can go to a library or wherever and get those sources.

    Many thanks!

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  • Hi,

    so far I haven't found scientific papers covering all of your above mentioned points in one go.
    But just for the parts of meaningful data and data visualization, you might want to have a look at Edward Tufte. He is a bit too much hyped but should have some helpful pointers.

    Sage Journals offers a multitude of papers, albeit not for free: journals.sagepub.com/home/ivi

    MIT also has a department dedicated to data visualization: massvis.mit.edu/#papers

    For a new ideas and inputs Jonathan Schwabish's Blog could be helpful: policyviz.com/blog/

    If you find good papers, please do share. It is always advantegous to get new input.
  • I have found another source for learning the visualization of data.

    Cairo, A., 2016. The truthful art. Data, charts, and maps for communication. ISBN 9780321934079.

    Excerpt from the original description (blurb):
    In The Truthful Art, Cairo transforms elementary principles of
    data and scientific reasoning into tools that you can use in daily life
    to interpret data sets and extract stories from them.

    The Truthful Art explains:
    • The role infographics and data visualization play in our world
    • Basic principles of data and scientific reasoning that anyone can master
    • How to become a better critical thinker
    • Step-by-step processes that will help you evaluate any data visualization (including your own)
    • How to create and use effective charts, graphs, and data maps to explain data to any audience