Transform Denormalization

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    • Transform Denormalization

      I am struggeling with the configuration of a "TableDenormalization Transform" in Jedox Integrator. Actually I am pretty sure that I know what I want to achieve with the TableDenormalization but till now I was not able to figure out the correct configuration for it. I am reading (extracting) a Jedox cube and are using Jedox 6 SR2.

      Say I have the Table from the manual:
      [Blocked Image:]
      • What do I have to configure ?
      • Are there things I have to notice while configuring?
      • What fields do I have to define in the "Target Area"?
      • What do I have to define as the "Normalizer field"?
      • What Measures do I have to define in the "Measures Area"?
      The manual does not tell me those things. If I am correct, it is just showing the results and this looks quite like the thing I would like to achieve.

      I tried many variations of configurations but the field that I define as the "Normalizer field" will always stay as a single column with its regarding keys.

      I figured out, that it works (kind of) when I define the column with the keys as the "Normalizer field" and defining the keys as the "Measure" in the area at the bottom. But this works only under the condition if i aleady know all of the keys. But what if i do not know all the keys in the "Normalizer field"-column? Can a TableDenomalization be achieved dynamically? I mean: in the example from the manual, was it necessary to explicitly define NetValue and Units as a Measure?

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    • Actually I did not find a solution, that automatically takes every unique entry in the Normalizer Field as a Measure and therefore building up new columns out of it.

      Now I solved my original problem (that I did not explain here) through a business rule, so that I do not need this load anymore.

      If someone comes up with a solution at some point in the future, share it, please!