Dynamic Clube Slice

      Dynamic Clube Slice


      we are loading data from an Oracle Database to JEDOX.

      In the JEDOX Cube we have different forecast versions (e.g. Forecast_JAN 2018, Forecast_Feb 2018, ...).
      We load only one forecast version during our JEDOX load from Oracle. Which version needs to be loaded is decided in Oracle in the table with the forecasts, the new data are marked.
      We need to load the latest forecast sometimes multiple times to JEDOX due to changes. So we want to delete the version in JEDOX if it already exists.

      Currently I make a cube slice and select the version manually (changing it every month):
      e.g. version accept equal "Forecast_FEB 2018"

      Is it possible to make a "dynamic" cube slice where the version can be picked from Oracle ? I can make an select where the result is the current forecast version to be loaded. But I have no idea, how to put the result in the "Value-Field" of the cube slice.

      Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

      Kind regards,