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  • Hi guys,

    here some features:
    • Selection of multiple cells (x clicks with strg => x marked cells)
    • selection of multiple diagrams (same like cells) (all move at the same time when being dragged)
    • formatting like in Excel (ribbons etc)
    • draft mode which doesn't show directly the live data but formulas or at least not live data (the reason is to avoid a refresh of all data which causes performance issues in huge dashboards as this happens) (a total refresh occurs even when just a single cell or sometimes even just formats have been changed)
    • an update of referenced cells in diagrams in the visibility section when rows have been removed
    • mouse over displays which don't only show the text of the field but actually useful descriptions
    • new forum layout and maybe different structure
    • entire knowledge base exportable as pdf (not just page per page as the search function is sometimes not useful at all)
    • knowledge base in German as the German Jedox has different function names and an English knowledge base doesn't help at all in this case
    • detailed explanations of functions which are supposed to exist this way in Excel (just mentioning them is not useful)
    • drag and drop of meta data like it exists in Power BI or Pivot (the area on the right side)
    • drag and drop of diagrams that I don't have to create first a table with 60 cells for a timeframe of 12 month (target:I move first the diagram in the report and then chose my data without creating all the data in the background) (like it actually functions in modern BI tools)
    • R and Python fully integrated in ETl
    • R and Python fully integrated in the report designer
    Kind regards,
    Michael Fuchs