Import Frameset FB file?

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  • Hi Rose,
    this would depend on the specifics of the error (error message, screenshots). One possiblity is that you *.pb file doesn't contain all the necessary contents.
    When you export a Frameset in a bundle directly (i.e. you right-click the Frameset, and select "Export", it will only contain it's .wss files if they are in a sub-folder. So if you have a folder like this:
    - frame_workbook1.wss
    - frame_workbook2.wss
    - My Frameset
    ...and you export that "My Frameset", te *.pb file wouldn't contain the .wss files and you would get an error on import.
    Solutions in this case: either a) don't export the frameset, but instead the whole folder b) put the *.wss files in a new sub-folder