set target for base elements only

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    • set target for base elements only

      Hi there,

      I want to set up allocation rules for cost centers and am struggling quite a bit.

      Here a scenario: Cost center A has amount x in material costs // products 1 to 40 receive those costs by percentage of sales to the account allocation material costs.
      At the same time the cost center should get the inverse value in the account material costs.

      There is a cost center cube & a product cube each have the same accounts in the P&L

      I'll split it up in sections to make it more accessbile.

      Starting with the latter: inverse value for the cost center
      in the allocation account or better to say crediting the cost center ==> in the end the cost center is 0 in profit&loss
      Since there are numerous products and cost centers, I do not feel the urge to set up one rule per item.
      In the dimension cost center, the hierarchy already reflects which cost center affects which allocation account. i.e. Cost center A to E belong to Product management and thus go to the allocation account "productmangement". Cost Center F-M belong to Adminstration and thus go to the allocation account "administration".

      My intention was, to somehow state in the rule that the the target is: material costs for all cost centers that belong to product Management and the source is the account material costs for each cost center there

      This is solved by another hierarchy in which the accounts were grouped to match the allocation type. So that I could just make a rule with PALO.DATA *-1

      Basically the same problem as in 1. just not the inverse value and here I have the problem that I need to get the value from the cost center cube into the product cube where all dimensions are the same, except for the dimension cost center and respectively product. I thought about Palo.Data but did not get there.
      Somehow I have to calculate the percentage of sales for each product and multiply it with (here the consolidation will suffice) the e.g. material costs of consolidated element product Management for cost centers and the target would be the account allocation material costs for each product.

      I created a seperate cube for the allocation (which includes Dimension product&cost center) in which (via rule) are the sales from the product cube (on a consolidated cost center element) and the costs from the cost center cube (on a consolidated product element). I calculated a the percentage of sales per product. Going on I could not make it work to multiply the costs with the percentage
      Plus I need to do this with several cost types (aggregations) and several costcenter consolidations.

      Is there a way to loop through the target i.e. give parent element and let it run through all base elements? I really do not want to give one rule per product and cost center. Since there is no "base indicator" for the target, I am already afraid that it is not possible.

      Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

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