Check For value in Cube

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  • hi thanks.

    but how its work :
    for example

    Source Code

    1. function test(){
    2. $dimensions = array('9', '2018', 'Q4', 'Controller', 'FlagSave');
    3. palo_getdata_export("conection","cube",TRUE, false, 1 ,3, NULL ,$dimensions);
    4. }
    i wrote this code.
    and now when i go to cell q10 for exmple and worte =test()
    its show me 0

    why ?

    there is the cube only one line (combition) that the value is 1
  • hi Gerwin:

    first of all thanks!

    i define a connection and cube:

    Source Code

    1. function test(){
    2. $dimensions = array('9', '2018', 'Q4', 'Controller', 'FlagSave');
    3. palo_getdata_export("localhost/UTP","UTP" ,TRUE, false, 1 ,3, NULL ,$dimensions);
    4. }
    but its still does not work

    hi laloune:

    first of all thanks!

    my goal is getting lines like in the picture

    returning all the combination of dimension that the value is one.
    • s.png

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  • Hi MosheA,

    try to stick to the docu in my Link above. There is a full example how to define a connection.

    // Defines constant variables.
    define('HOST', 'localhost');
    define('PORT', '7777');
    define('USER', 'admin');
    define('PASS', 'admin');

    // Establishes a new connection to the OLAP server.
    $connection = palo_init(HOST, PORT, USER, PASS);

    // Creates array with dimension coordinates
    $dimensions = array('Desktop L', 'France', 'Jan', '2012', 'Actual', 'Units');

    // Exports data as specified in function
    echo "<pre>";
    print_r(palo_getdata_export($connection, 'Demo', 'Sales', TRUE, TRUE, 200, 15000, 'gte', 'lt', 'and', 10, NULL, $dimensions));
    echo "</pre>";

    // Same as above, but uses string instead of numeric values
    echo "<pre>";
    print_r(palo_getdata_export($connection, 'Demo', 'Sales', TRUE, TRUE, ">=200 AND <15000", 10, NULL, $dimensions));
    echo "</pre>";

    // Closes the established connection.