Planning: Sales and/or Quantity with price staying the same?

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  • Planning: Sales and/or Quantity with price staying the same?

    Dear Jedox Community,

    this might be a relatively simple question for some of you but I just don´t get it at the moment. ?(

    Our users shall plan sales figures and/or quanities - either way the other KPI should be calculated with the price staying the same.
    The logic is simple: Sales = Quantity x Price

    So if e.g. Price = 2 --> User plans quantity = 10 --> automatically sales is set to 20
    alternatively: Price = 2 --> User plans sales = 200 --> automatically quantity is set to 100

    How can I reproduce this logic in Jedox?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  • Hi Gerwin,

    thanks for your answer.

    I already built a Business Rule saying Price = Sales / Quantity.

    If I want to increase Sales now the price will increase as well - but I´d like to stay the price the same and increase the quanity...
    Otherwise I´d like to increase the quanity and sales should be increased not the price..

    Can I define a hold on a rule based element?

    Or do you have any other ideas?

    Thanks & Regards


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  • Hi Sara,

    this seems a bit daisy chained! :)

    I would tend to use worksheet (using palo setdata) or integrator calculations for a logic like this, I think this cannot be done through rules.

    You could always "flag" one variable as static, depending on what you change; price, revenue or quantity.

    From my personal expierence, I would not overcomplicate things and just allow price and quantity to be editable.


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  • Hello,

    supervisionserver is designed for this purpose. You can watch a slice of the cube and react to the change of a cell within this slice.

    Say, you change price, then you can fire a script that will write the price in the cube, and calculate the sales using the quantity and commit it to the cube. Now if you change sales you would write the sales, query the quantity and commit it back to the cube also

    please refer to the knowledgebase as well as the scripts shipped with the jedox installation

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