Extract values from cube with inRange and date

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    • Extract values from cube with inRange and date

      Good morning from Cologne,

      I work with Jedox for two month now and I think it's pretty cool.

      But sometimes questions are coming up which cannot be answered by manual or knowledge base.
      My Problem is extracting values from a cube for a period of one year or month.

      Time dimension looks like '01.01.2014,01.02.2018...….01.12.2020'
      If I want to extract the data for october/november 2018 I tried "inRange" with [01.10.2018,01.11.2018]. That's what the knowledge base told me.

      But if I fire the statement by data preview I get the message

      "Configuration Error in extract C_SalesCube: Range Definition [01.10.2018,01.11.2018] contains non-numerical values"

      Ok, the message seems to be clear but the knowlegde base neither any Manual told me that inRange is for numeric values only.

      Can anybody help me with this issue.

      Thanks in Advance, Alex
    • Hi from Cologne back to Cologne :)

      if your date dimension has consolidations (Year, Month, etc.) you could set up your filter criteria this way:

      accept like JAN|FEB

      The pipe "|" is the OR operator. If your dimension contains only flat days, you could do it like this:

      accept like 10.2018|11.2018

      Hope it helps