Pareto Chart

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  • Pareto Chart


    is there an easy way to create a pareto chart. I arranged the the data in a dynarange with descending order and added as a formula the percentage of each value.
    What I did not mange to add is the cummulated percentage. So I have only a column chart but the line with the cummulated percentage is missing.

    Thank you for any hints.
  • Should be possible, using different chart types for the series in a chart, given that your source data range already contains both the absolutes (for the columns) and the percentages.
    If done this on the "Top Ten Analysis" report in the MIS Cockpit Demo. Chart Range there would be C10:E34. Change the chart type of the "kum%" series to line. You can play with the axis formatting and label formatting to get the numbers formatted properly.

    See attached image.
    • pareto.png

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