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    Hi Everybody,

    it seems to me that the PALO.SETDATA does not support LIKE/COPY.

    E.g.: =PALO.SETDATA("copy ox";TRUE;$B$2;$B$3;$D$3;E$6;$G$3;$B$9;$E$3;$F$3;$C$9;$D$9) results #VALUE!

    Am I right or doing something wrong?

    Thanks for your smart advice.

  • Hi,
    in general SETDATA does support usage of copy or like, in the way you used in your example (i.e. setting the full string, the same one you would enter directly as input on a PALO.DATA spreadsheet cell). So in your case, the #VALUE! error probably has a specific cause.
    A few things you can try:
    - change the "copy ox" parameter value to some numeric value; if this works, it means the rest of your formula is valid
    - try entering "copy ox" as direct input on a cell, to ensure the copy operation you're trying is actually valid for the given cube cell (the In-Memory DB server can deny some copy operation if the structure of source and target slice overlaps, for example)
    - right-click the spreadsheet cell showing #VALUE! and select "Jedox Error" from context menu to get the exact error message (alternatively, check the olap server log file).