Drillthrough information lost

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    • Drillthrough information lost

      Hi All,

      I recently upgraded my Jedox environment to the version 2018.4 (Linux) I'm using direct drillthrough: the drillthrough data are located in an MS-SQL Server database.
      Since the upgrade i'm having issues when using the drillthrough function. It says that "Project DRILLTHROUGHS not found". This project doesn't exist. My project has a different name. When looking in the modeler at the cube drillthrough information I noticed that the integrator project name disappeared.
      Even when I re-create the cube from scratch the name of the integrator project doesn't show up again.

      When I export my integrator project and import it back into a new name, and recreate the cube with the new project, then the drillthrough project name appears again and drillthrough works again.

      So here my question
      I believe the drillthrough information is stored in an h2 database under /opt/jedox/ps/tomcat/webapps/etlserver/data/db/etl_history. I think this database is corrupt somehow.
      -Is there another way to repair this, I mean without changing the project name ?
      -How can one avoid this corruption ?