Problems with PALO.SETDATA and Excel Addin

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  • Problems with PALO.SETDATA and Excel Addin

    Hello together,
    since 3 weeks we are using Jedox 2019.01 in our company for business analytics.
    Before we already have used Jedox Palo Suite Community Edition 3.1 as our reporting tool.

    For importing new data in the OLAP cubes we are using Excel import scripts. In those Scripts we are using the Excel formula PALO.SETADTA.
    Since our upgrade to Jedox 2019.01 we are having problems with our Import-Scripts. When we start the Import it takes much longer time then before
    and we have to wait many minutes for the Import in our Jedox cubes. With Jedox Palo Suite 3.1 those imports just have taken a few seconds.
    Those behavior is absolutely unnormal and inexplicable. When we start the import scripts on our server directly they´re running as quick as we
    would have expected (few seconds). On a new installed VM the script also is running very quick.

    I already have have uninstalled Jedox 2019.01 - delete all folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Jedox & C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedox\) and Registry-Keys.
    I reinstalled the Excel 2013 (32 Bit) and also tested it with Excel 365 (32 Bit) - no difference. It even not depends on our Anti Virus (BitDefender) our Firewall Settings.
    Because of that, that the VM, where its running in normal speed, is running on my local machine, it couldn´t be the local network.
    Event log and Jedox Log didn´t deliever any information. It´s also not an performance problem (on the server or on the client).
    Do you have any suggestions for us?

    This problems does only affects the PALO.SETDATA formula in Excel.

    We are using Windows 10 as Client and Windows Server 2016 for the server.
    The excel version we are using is Excel 2013 (32 Bit).

    Best regards

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