Splashing command "!"

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  • Splashing command "!"


    I would like to prevent the sum of base element data values from being entered in consolidated elements when entering values to them using the splash command "!".
    In other words,What i would like to achieve is that a value entered in a consolidated element by using the splashing command"!" is entered to the consolidated element itself as well as all base elements ( Normally, The sum of all the base elements is entered into the consolidated element in the end,though.)

    It would be preferable that it can be achieved with spreadsheet functions, rules calculations , etc.

    Would there be any ideas to achieve this?

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  • Hi,
    the sum of the value you enter prefixed with "!" on all base cells is not actually "entered" on the consolidated element / cell. Consolidated values are aggregated by Olap in memory as a sum of the base values. You cannot actually store a specific non-sum value on a consolidated numeric element.

    What you could look into is maybe either using some sort of rule specifically for the consolidated element(s), as rule-calculated values will override regular aggregations.
    You could also check if adjusting aggragtion factors is an option for you, as this can also influence how the values from base elements are summed up in a parent.