Palo interpreter

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  • Palo interpreter

    here is a little 'interpreter' for palo, written in lex/yacc using palo C api.
    Works like a classic read-eval-print loop.

    Source Code

    1. connect;
    2. initializing libpalo...done
    3. connecting to server localhost:7777...done
    4. authenticating...done
    5. list_database ;
    6. System
    7. Demo
    8. python
    9. demo1
    10. simple
    11. db4
    12. add_database adding;
    13. creating database "adding"...done
    14. list_database ;
    15. System
    16. Demo
    17. python
    18. demo1
    19. simple
    20. db4
    21. adding
    22. del_database adding;
    23. deleting database "adding"... done
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    Nothing fancy, just a dummy tool, far from being complete. I put basic functionalities like listing adding deleting...

    more will come hopefully

    i thought it may be useful for someone...
  • a better version of me

    a slightly improved version of my infamous interpreter.

    I added attributes creation and consolidation elements manipulation.

    This interpreter is mainly made for automated dimension/elements/cubes creation, so there are no elaborated displays and element query commands.

    any suggestion, comment and curses are equally welcomed