User Properties as xml structure

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    • User Properties as xml structure


      within Jeodx I´d like to versioning changes made on Reports automatically with the integrator tool. For that I have extraxted the User Properties from cube #_USER_USER_PROPERTIES on Element "tagged" as the tag is one trigger to versioning a report.

      Now I have the User Properies in xml language but as one string like this:

      <tagged><item><context>files</context><type>spreadsheet</type><location><group>fgrp4</group><hierarchy>h5</hierarchy><node>n215</node><path>//PIN Mail AG/Entwicklung/Bericht2</path></location><tag>PJ-4555555</tag></item></tagged>

      Now I´d like to transfrom this string into the proper xml structure following the example above like this:

      <path>//Path to my Report</path>

      so that I can filter from here via xml path.

      Does anyone have some advice for me how one solution might look like?

      Thanks in advance :) ,