Jedox Integrator, Bitdefender & R

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    • Jedox Integrator, Bitdefender & R

      Hi Guys

      Just thought I'd let you know about an issue I ran into.

      I recently installed Bitdefender.

      I have an ETL task that uses an RScript Transform.
      Looks like R writes temp working files to C:\Program Files\Jedox\Jedox Suite\tomcat\temp
      This triggers Bitdefender to block the process because it thinks it's a possible JS.Nemucod.6.Gen threat.

      The solution is to add the Jedox Integrator folder C:\Program Files\Jedox\Jedox Suite\tomcat\temp to Bitdefender's Antivirus Exclusions.

      Took a while to figure out what was happening.
      Posting this in case someone else comes across it.…-in-bitdefender-2094.html